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BA(a)P of street art

(first published at  When a friend asked me why was I traversing half-way across the city only to look at a wall-painting, I had to admit that it was because (in no specific order) a) there is only much I can stand in Mumbai these days, so I need to move around and find things that can … Continue reading

Ahmed’s Nagar

When one begins talking about collections and archiving, Shabbir Bhai’s face lights up, reflecting his passion for collecting not only stamps and coins, but also books. Originally from nearby Sangamner, Shabbir Shaikh Ahmed, now in his fifties, lives and works in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. He has been collecting postal stamps and coins of India from … Continue reading

Joi Bangla!

Dhanmondi is a maddeningly crowded part of Dhaka. Home to many commercial establishments, the streets of Dhanmondi are lined with private universities, many with ugly facades. Amongst them, the brick building Chhayanaut Shangskriti Bhaban, built in 2006 provides a refreshing respite to the eyes. Chhayanaut was established in 1961, the year that witnessed Rabindranath Tagore’s birth … Continue reading

Chandralekha’s Treasure: Publicizing Private SPACES

When I entered 1 Elliots Beach Road in Chennai, I had to sit myself down for a few moments, to grasp the beauty and warmth that the place exuded. SPACES, as 1 Elliots Beach Road is known, was the late dancer-choreographer Chandralekha’s abode: a reflection of everything beautiful that Chandralekha embodied. SPACES, at first impression … Continue reading

Pure or (impure)

The workshop in early November 2011, “South Asia: Histories, Visual and Literary Texts” (jointly organized by Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule Women’s Studies Centre, University of Pune and Zubaan, New Delhi) introduced many new and interesting areas of studies to me, who is from a non- women’s studies or a social sciences setting. Given my background in … Continue reading

Why ‘Dhanush’ di

Last week: Me to a friend: I am going to get a haircut He: Cutting it even shorter? Me: Yeah Yeah Yes Yes. Super Short.u He: Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di? And I was thinking: Why ‘Dhanush’ Di? Read more here:


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