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Part 1/4: Short book reviews of the 20 odd books I read in the last three months.

Part 1/5: Short book reviews of the 20 odd books I read in the last three months. Continue reading


Contemporary writings in English from Bangladesh

LIFELINES New writing from Bangladesh Edited by Farah Ghuznavi and published by Zubaan Books New Delhi: 2012 208 pp Paperback INR 325 Lifelines is an anthology of writings from a newer generation of Bangladeshi women writers, in their forties or younger. The UK launch was on 03 November, 2012 at the South Asian Literature Festival … Continue reading

Oinam’s silver non jubilee & a book (Book review by Aheli Moitra)

In my numerous exchanges with Aheli, I have mostly only hounded her for more information on the issues and challenges in North East India. On my part, this has been a selfish drive to try rid my own ignorance; limited knowledge; and zero-involvement with the issues at hand. An average Joe in Mumbai (that includes … Continue reading

Yes, it is karma with an ‘r’

Karma Sutra, Adventures of a street bum – by Rajendar Menen First published in India in 2012 by HarperCollins Publishers India in a joint venture with The India Today Group Price: INR 299 Thank you KM, for taking me to the book When she heard that I was reading ‘Karma Sutra’ – by Rajendar Menen, … Continue reading


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