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The crow fishing for the crab (or something like it) I just happened to be there and instinctively decided to follow the crow with thy camera 🙂 It was surprising how it chose to scamper forward and beat the waves than to fly away and return. Turned out the crab (or something like it) that the crow successfully fished for — was not for … Continue reading

Dhaka, Part 3: The maddening traffic guide to Dhaka

The Southasian traveller’s experience (& part-guide) to moving around Dhaka (since we have quite some ‘by and for’ the fairer ‘farangs’)  Growing up and living in Mumbai, we all learn to make our peace with traffic; honking; pollution; and compromised quality of air to breathe in, but we also take pride in our ‘lifelines’ – … Continue reading

Dhaka, Part 2: Marvels of Old Dhaka; Lalbagh Kella and Sitara Masjid

The day before I was leaving for Mumbai, I decided to visit the part of Dhaka now known as ‘Old Dhaka’. The narrow lanes lined with shops could only fit in the cycle rickshaws but the CNGs (autos) and the cars did honk their horns and make their way in. Lalbagh Kella I had decided … Continue reading

Dhaka, Part 1: Architectural Eyesore

by a lone southasian woman traveller in Dhaka (14-28 March, 2012) (All views expressed here are personal and should not be generalised.) (Thank you RM, for inspiring me to write) Dhaka was always meant to be a busman’s holiday, so it is little wonder that I only had a day to go around the city … Continue reading


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