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Making love out of nothing at all

Cut to a pleasant November few years ago, ¬†at SACHINS (a joint I used to frequent then) I was sipping my coffee peacefully and reading a book, alone at a table. I used to love going there alone; two could be a crowd sometimes and in my case almost always. A lovely couple in their … Continue reading

Where has the romance gone … from stitching buttons

Picture this romantic scene recreated in bollywood movies a zillion times: Cut 1: Hero is getting ready to work. Whistling and taking out his favourite shirt. He wears it and – POP!!! goes the button. Cut 2: Heroine walks in, needle and thread ready (all in a jiffy). Hero is still wearing the shirt, and … Continue reading

ladies compartment in local trains

Mumbai is unique, where it may be the only place where people have ‘train-friends’, especially in the ladies compartment. In that 30-90 minutes ride on the local trains every morning, women share their lives explicitly with co-passengers who become ‘train-friends’. I do not have train-friends really, as I do not take the same train everyday … Continue reading

the wo-man from Aussieland and the man from Auckland

On – father of the ‘man from Auckland’ writes to the ‘wo-man from Aussieland’ : Horrorscope, please! ‘wo-man from Aussieland’ replies: ask the parents in Mumbai parents in Mumbai: Oh, but you are our marathi mulgi and he is the south indian ‘pillay’ but lo and behold: to everyone’s surprise the horrorscopes are a … Continue reading


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