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from websites to a wedding

Ahaa! – So after schmoozing with a cop the night before– I did a multitude of things, last night. From discussing websites with KB – to buying the bare essentials (for tee-shirts, though I was at a wedding later:-s) – to getting ready for a wedding; I was surely all over the place. I tried … Continue reading

of coffee, cops and guns (lucid dreaming)

We looked very comfortable; like we had known each other for years. No one could have guessed that this was our first coffee together.  I fail to remember how we were introduced to each other, but that this was our first meeting; I am sure of. When I asked him what he did for a … Continue reading

Lucid dreaming

DREAM SEQUENCE Scene 1 (at home) 7:00 am: “Amma …. it is seven am. I have to go school now.” 7:15 am: “Ammaaa ….where is my uniform?” (search is on) Amma finds my pinafore but for some reason it is a dark blue colour instead of the usual brown as in my secondary school. 7:20 … Continue reading


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