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Aspirations involve reparations …

nofirezonemovie triggers memories of my visit to Sri Lanka Continue reading


Two Authors and Two IDIOTS

Co-authors: Yours truly and Fuzzy. B (no relative of Jazzy B) We are completely out of our minds as the evening has been unexpectedly funny –so the story below may not have happened in the order that we narrate it – but it did happen, for real. Today morning, when Fuzzy B decided to go … Continue reading


1) When still in bed: – Toss and Turn:  You are likely to get tired of all the ‘tossing and turning’ and fall asleep again – Talk to the voices in your head (like I do): Debate whether to wake up and chop veggies for breakfast or just play the waiting game. – Keep checking … Continue reading

Sickeningly sweet monsoon

it was the time of the year when the sky began to rain grey turned, the bright azure yet, she met him again they sat looking at the vast ebb and flow the rousing sea, she always found disturbing but a strange calmness engulfed when she pressed his hand hard that evening unaware, he pulled … Continue reading

Going, Going, Gone …. Into *Panic Mode*

Last week, on a Tuesday (me remembers the day) KB says to me, ‘So what are your plans?’ and I go, ‘Hmmmm … What plans?’ He replies, ‘Generally …” And in my head, I am hopping mad thinking, ‘Oh My God – I have no plan, I have no plan. I need a plan or … Continue reading

Back to Madness in Mumbai

HN: …putting in perspective that you returned to Mumbai and do not feel so happy about it. Me: Uhhhh, Well … Hmmmmm – I am not unhappy, really. Just very ‘indifferent’ HN: What is causing the ‘indifference’? Me: Feels like my time’s up with Mumbai # Indifference is worse than hatred, say some. But then … Continue reading


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