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Hic .. Hic … Travel Hiccups!

I wish no women had to ever encounter the following in an early morning bus ride: All the seats reserved for ladies are taken and you are forced to stand. While standing, you are being crushed between 3 men. And there are those men who offer to give up their seat for you, only to … Continue reading

Happy Woman’s day (Women’s Day it is I think … for whatever it is worth)

As soon as I reached the platform, the known faces started wishing me and each other on today being ‘Women’s Day’. (I wonder if it was a mere co-incidence that most women were dressed in their finest) A few women commuters said, “Maybe these men commuting in our neighbouring dabba also ought to wish us  … Continue reading

Why me??? Sigh!!!

So this happens again in the local bus not the local train: Refer to Today morning 8:40 am at the bus stop: Scene 1: I am a part of the queue that is getting in to the bus. This lady (Lady A) standing outside the door tries to barge in. I tap her on … Continue reading

Much sombre today it was

The mood was much sombre today morning at and in the ladies dabba. Announcement at the station: The train arriving in platform no.4 is a fast train to Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus. This train will halt at Ghatkopar, Kurla, Dadar and Byculla. I reached the platform as the train was just pulling in. Most of the … Continue reading

Movie reviews from aam junta

Yesterday was a Sunday – the day when most working women catch up on movies and television. Naturally – that is the topic for discussion on Monday morning. Everyone pushes right in to the hustle and bustle* of the first class ladies dabba** Lady A: I saw Ishqiya.  It started at 10-00, followed by an … Continue reading

Do not fold your cheques. Never ever!

Following is a crash course in latest technologies in banking sector – and we are still a ‘developing’ country – of course! Lesson learnt today @ same place, same time i.e. the 8:12 am , fast local , Mulund to Kurla. So since me and mother take the same train to work every morning, we … Continue reading


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