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Back to Madness in Mumbai

HN: …putting in perspective that you returned to Mumbai and do not feel so happy about it.

Me: Uhhhh, Well … Hmmmmm – I am not unhappy, really. Just very ‘indifferent’

HN: What is causing the ‘indifference’?

Me: Feels like my time’s up with Mumbai

# Indifference is worse than hatred, say some. But then the city isn’t getting any madder at me due to my indifference, it is getting madder, irrespective of.

I accept it. Yes – I do. I did not experience any withdrawal symptoms (of withdrawal from Mumbai) when I was in Delhi or even in Kolkata last week.

# No restaurants, No Watering Holes, Not even a smoking lounge at the Kolkata Airport. As much as I loved the city, the airport – I could not stand.

From being born in Mumbai to growing up in the city, and having spent nearly all my life in Mumbai (barring the school vacations at granny’s in Pune), I really owe allegiance to the city, no? I did, truly, until a few years ago. The last 6 years offered me opportunities to travel, meet new people, make new friends – some trips I loved and on some, I made love.

The year of 2011, unfortunately had me holed up in Mumbai for most part except until last week. So when I left the city last week to return last night, I was wondering why I did not take off earlier, gosh! And of all the places in the world, I seem to be warming up a bit to Delhi. I have been travelling to Delhi, on and off for the last four years and it is only now that I seem to like it thoda bahut.

# Hail Delhi Metro, Dilli ki Sardi and GG, of course she is awesomeness personified!

Thank the gods; I am off to Bengaluru, Mysuru and Chennai starting next week for 2 weeks.

Until then back to six days of suffering (as HN puts it) in aamchi Mumbai.

Oopsy Daisy - Did I mention how all this started only because 
I felt like a drink, early in the morning today. (and I did 
not have one)

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