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Making love out of nothing at all

Cut to a pleasant November few years ago,  at SACHINS (a joint I used to frequent then)

I was sipping my coffee peacefully and reading a book, alone at a table. I used to love going there alone; two could be a crowd sometimes and in my case almost always.

A lovely couple in their late 50s or early 60s walked in. They sat down for lunch, and ordered a spread without exchanging a word with each other. The food arrived and they continued with their lunch (no words or glances exchanged)

My young mind was racing; wondering if this is what happens to couples who are married for too long. Is this what she may have been thinking?

As we sit here across the table, looking away from each other
I wonder how long it’s been since our eyes met

Much time has passed since I last looked into your eyes, knowing what they had to say
The songs they used to hum, happy and silent
How they haunt me now

Your lips have not spoken a word for so long
Except for the occasional moan when you force yourself into me
Tearing my soul beyond repair

Your touch; now driven by habit than passion
Is not what it used to be

Only if you ever tried to see what my eyes hold, you would know
Everything is perfect, just as it was
You have changed

Six years on, I think I may have been mistaken. Maybe they said it all in their silence; having spent decades with each other, not needing to say a word now.

Marry someone with whom you can share a comfortable silence, they say.
Marry someone you can annoy with your non-sensical talks all day long, I say!


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2 thoughts on “Making love out of nothing at all

  1. chhan!!

    Posted by yogesh | July 15, 2011, 13:39
  2. Was a long time ago almost 5 years back. What are your present thoughts? Would love to dicuss.

    Posted by デイリップ | June 13, 2016, 01:15

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