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from websites to a wedding

Ahaa! – So after schmoozing with a cop the night before– I did a multitude of things, last night. From discussing websites with KB – to buying the bare essentials (for tee-shirts, though I was at a wedding later:-s) – to getting ready for a wedding; I was surely all over the place.

I tried very hard to see if I was meeting the suave cop last night, but he was absconding. May be he found another muse, and as for myself, I was busy discussing some (arty) websites with KB. I then realized that’s not what I should be doing, so I woke up, treated myself to some water, and decided to look for the cop again.

While he was still absconding, I landed myself at a store to buy the bare essentials. The lady first showed me some cheap stuff, so cheap that I almost spotted some discolored ones, making me wonder if these were used ones. I decided to opt for the slightly expensive but new seamless ones to go.

Next I was at a wedding at a weird location. It resembled the suburb where I grew up – but was a vast land instead of a locale stemming with tall and short buildings. I ran in to a group of people riding horses, running away from another gang – whose leader was a short-tempered woman. After helping them escape successfully, I make my way to get ready for the wedding. There are too many of us cramped in that little room, heading for the shower and trying to get ready. I distinctly remember that three showers were available; one in the room; one in a room across this room; and one at a faraway location on this vast land.  When ready, I walk out to see some old school friends of mine, decked in their finery. Although, I am still not sure, who was getting married?

I wake up thinking what a waste of time, no cops, no guns – and a wedding with no sign of the bride or the bridegroom. I might have as well just listed the websites discussed. Sigh! 


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