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of coffee, cops and guns (lucid dreaming)

We looked very comfortable; like we had known each other for years. No one could have guessed that this was our first coffee together.  I fail to remember how we were introduced to each other, but that this was our first meeting; I am sure of.

When I asked him what he did for a living, he replied that he was a cop. (read that as Havaldar in the Indian context) At some point the conversation veered in a direction, where he said that was 34 years old, and looking forward to getting married; asking me if i knew anyone who might suit him.  I mentioned this friend of mine, who may know of some from his community.

Mental note #1 – Unlike the usual image of a Havaldar, this one is more smart, suave and speaks impeccable English.

We finished our coffees; deciding to go for a long walk! We happened to stop at the corner store for him to pick up something, when we noticed an old lady trying to make sense of some document in her hand. He offered to help her, and sat down on a bench with her; decoding it for her. She mentioned that she could not understand legal terms very well. (She was holding a court order or some sorts) She thanked us, and we walked ahead. We ran in to some of his friends who had a wide smirk on their face, when they saw us together.

Mental note #2 – He likes to go out of way and help people. 

There was a brawl taking place outside this garden. I was wondering if he could go and stop it (given that he was a cop). He admitted that though he had a gun on him, he was not in his uniform, so could not intervene and decides to call on a friend from the police station.  Around the time, when his friend did turn up the people involved in the scuffle were inside the garden. His friend entered in, and we could see children scampering out of the garden, and heard shots being fired. I even remember seeing splashes of red in the garden.  His friend came out injured with a bullet wound and we got him medical attention as soon as we could.

Mental note #3 – Oooh! He has a gun; he may be a real cop after all.

As we were leaving, I said to him, “I hope you know I am married.” to which he replied, “Yes, you did mention; in the first fifteen minutes of our conversation.”

I walked away wondering if I will ever meet someone like him for real. My horoscope for today did say that my mounting sense of interest and engagement with something or someone is exciting — and I may not be the only one feeling that way! What it forgot to add was that this may be so in a dream. 🙂 




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