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Dreamy diary

Lucid dreaming


Scene 1

(at home)

7:00 am:

“Amma …. it is seven am. I have to go school now.”

7:15 am:

“Ammaaa ….where is my uniform?”

(search is on)

Amma finds my pinafore but for some reason it is a dark blue colour instead of the usual brown as in my secondary school.

7:20 am:

“Look for my shirt too” (while contemplating in my mind if it is okay to wear the pinafore without the shirt)

7: 25 am:

Oh no! It is 7:25 already. I have to leave now. (eventually wore the pinafore with the shirt)

Scene 2

(on my way to school, at the entrance of a multi-storeyed structure)

7:30 am:

Me is walking slowly (now that me has reached school) only to see some juniors walking around and happy realisation strikes.

Happy realisation by me during lucid dreaming:

‘Oh sh&*! What am I doing here? I passed out of school 12 years ago, but while I am here I might as well go inside and say hello to some teachers’

(like I was stuck in a time warp of some sort)

Scene 3

(Inside the school)
Miss P and Miss S are busy organising a sort of part / event as it is the first day of school. I know I am upset with Miss P over something so I do not speak to her

I am searching for Miss V just to tell her how I hated history in school because of her, though I realised later that history is much fun.  Turned out Miss V was in UK visiting her married daughter.

Miss Vr just smiles with not much to say as we spoke on the phone just a few days ago.

Miss Sh asks me what I am doing nowadays. I notice her big round bindi is missing. Her son is an architect too, so she always took interest in knowing what it is that I was doing with my architectural knowledge.

Miss I just walks past me – big and burly as always

Miss J and Miss Ap are sitting around chatting. I am little shocked as I know Miss Ap passed away a few years ago.

Scene 4

(at home)

8: 15 am

Me comes home to find my Amma having her breakfast, and then getting ready to leave for work. She was a having a grilled sandwich. I look at it and wonder when we got a grill to make one.


Scene 1

At this point it is 4-00 am and me is in a lucid dream concluding how absurd all this was and hoping I wake up in the morning to remember this.

Scene 2

At 7-00 am I try to reconcile the dream with facts

  1. I passed out of secondary school in 1998
  2. My secondary school uniform was brown and beige as against dark blue (which was my primary school uniform)
  3. Me being upset with Miss P – A relative of Miss P who is also a close family friend was over at our place last week and said something about her that I did not buy – as I hold great respect for Miss P so there was a small battle on in my mind.
  4. Miss Ap has indeed passed away a few years ago.
  5. I did speak to Miss Vr last week.
  6. We do not have a grill in my parents house and will not have one either.
  7. Amma still leaves for work at 8-15 am
  8. The school building was a multi-storey building, while in reality my school is a ground structure with a huge playground.

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    2 thoughts on “Lucid dreaming

    1. interesting, try Dream Ananlysis 🙂
      (little Sari trotting to school does make a pretty pic 😉

      Posted by Kaustubh | July 7, 2010, 12:34
    2. ha ha! I sure was not a pretty pic, must check with the boyz in the class though:)
      I actually went to school once without a school bag. Manu says he does not think anyone must have done that ever 😛

      Posted by esar13 | July 7, 2010, 12:41

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