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Chronicles from local trains in Mumbai

Hic .. Hic … Travel Hiccups!

I wish no women had to ever encounter the following in an early morning bus ride:

  1. All the seats reserved for ladies are taken and you are forced to stand.
  2. While standing, you are being crushed between 3 men.
  3. And there are those men who offer to give up their seat for you, only to stand ‘too close for comfort’ later.
  4. You sit down, not only having to deal with the man who is standing, strutting his stuff on to your face, but realise the guy sitting next to you , seems to be on his own pleasure trip.

Tips from experience:

  1. I remember years ago, when my seniors from college insisted on carrying ‘safety pins’ while travelling in the local trains along the harbour line – only to prick the ‘pricks’ in time. (Hope it is slightly better now)
  2. Always try and stand near the seats reserved for ladies, if you have to. (Some ‘nice’ man around will eventually offer you the seat anyway)
  3. Do not hesitate to be loud if touched inappropriately in a moving train or bus. The culprit has little chances of escape and can be thrashed nice and proper.                  (I once asked a man at the top of my voice ‘What do you think you are doing?’ He was sitting behind me in the bus, trying to touch me. He was embarrassed & probably scared of being trashed, so got down at the next stop (though he had a ticket till the last stop)
  4. Most bus conductors and drivers are helpful (though they are men and might behave otherwise when not on duty)
  5. When climbing crowded FOBs, walking on railway tracks etc – always keep your hand against the chest touching your shoulder.  Like this:

Random: I am still tripping on oranges from a farm in Nagpur. We got dozens of them. Ate a lot, made substantial amount of orange juice and now thinking of making ‘orange liqueur’

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