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Chronicles from local trains in Mumbai

Happy Woman’s day (Women’s Day it is I think … for whatever it is worth)

As soon as I reached the platform, the known faces started wishing me and each other on today being ‘Women’s Day’.

(I wonder if it was a mere co-incidence that most women were dressed in their finest)

A few women commuters said, “Maybe these men commuting in our neighbouring dabba also ought to wish us  and at least get us something (like they get something to eat everyday for themselves). Maybe some fafda, jalebi, or samosas”

Me: Ah! Yes of course (me hardly ever disagrees with anything that involves food and eating) Am sure we deserve that, given that we are such peaceful co-commuters.

The train pulled in really fast, and wonders never cease.

My mother was the first one to get on the train today (she is only all of 59 after all)

So everyone goes, ‘Arrey aunty – you have to treat us today”

So anyway, one fun filled ride it was today.


When I reached office I have ‘No-frills’ wishing me a Happy Women’s Day. And this is how it went:

No Frills: HAPPY WOMEN’s DAY and I will be frank

Me: Of course women’s day is a sham! What else did you have to say :)?

No Frills:  I don’t really know what sort of celebration you have on this day. I don’t know how much it means to women!

Me: Maybe nothing to most (liberated women)

No Frills: But yes… every year the stories of successful women which you read in the newspaper is great

Me: For me it is still a reminder that we are a minority – so not sure if it calls for celebration. And well being covered in the media is not bad, right? Unlike being ignored for the rest of the year.

Then google chat announced:  “No Frills is busy. You may be interrupting”

This is how far as we got on that one.


My favourite image of women’s liberation was at Ellora Caves in Aurangabad.

Picture this:

A group of young muslim school girls (aged 12-16) running down the stairs of the Kailasa caves, dressed in pristine blue pinafore over a white shirt, with heads covered in spotless white headscarves

(Giggling, laughing, holding hands …)

Symbolising purity and innocence like blue water cascading down the Mount Kailasa.

No picture can ever signify the term ‘liberating’ more than this, to me.

Young muslim girls, having access to education, being able to visit Ellora caves with their friends, laughing away, not having to worry about the Taliban or anyone else stealing their right to education, the right to live and love life.


Good read here:

In defence of symbolism  March 2010

By: Laxmi Murthy

What we celebrate when we mark 8 March

International Day of the Boy Child, Men’s Day, Global Week of the Brahmin, World King’s Day. Ever heard of those? For obvious reasons, it is only victims who get their day. Politely called ‘subalterns’ or the ‘oppressed’, it is those who have never been allowed into the car who get to sit in the driver’s seat on this one, special day. But there are driving licenses to be got, traffic rules to be followed and, most importantly, hard cash to buy the car and petrol to run it. Not surprisingly, then, the outing is limited to a single drive. Mere symbolism, snort the cynics ………………..

Read more at:


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2 thoughts on “Happy Woman’s day (Women’s Day it is I think … for whatever it is worth)

  1. sari … i dedicatedly read ur stories everytime .. and i dont know why i feel very good about them … i like reading those.. probably b’cos i can relate to them … good going grt writing .. we need more ..(at least i do)

    Posted by swetal | March 8, 2010, 18:06

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