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Spam mails on

Spam Spam and more Spam – Sneak preview on the spam mails in my inbox

From – Topic

my exact feelings

Pixin – Hot Indian Actress | Fernanda Prada Hot Stills | Kournikova Hot Pictures | Actress Mallika Kapoor Gallery | Indian Spiderman

(come on – Indian Spiderman??? Wtf is that one?)

Pain Clinic – Best Pill Solutions . We have all the major brands without the need for your doctors permission.

(Pain Clinic – sadist it sounds)

Free Viagra – Tell us where to ship your samples. Get free Viagra.

(Thanks but no – thanks)

Me – Dear Sarita. Extreme75% discounts. Having trouble reading this email?

(Why would I want to mail myself)

Adwova Astley – Doping for your male bulge? Christmas Sale event knocks at your door.

(Male bulgeeee? – Whoaaa!!! NO THANKS. Wonder if it can be any good on sale though)

TryViagra 4free –  Do not underestimate the value of free pills. Feel ten years younger in bed.

(Any younger and it would illegal to even read these emails)

Vanna Gabriele – Hydrocodone, Codeine, Phentermin, Vicodin – Best Prices! Vicodin from Top Pharmacies! Choose the best one! FedEx, DHL, EMS/USPS, UPS, Airmail, Courier delivery

(Will take me forever to even spell them – less have them)

Venneta Cleta – Our Rep1icaWatches are among the most superb Rep1icas available. High Quality Rep1icaRolexWatches

(Now this does sound fascinating – except that watches are not my fascination)


About Sarita

My 10,000th day on Planet Earth was June 28, 2010


2 thoughts on “Spam mails on

  1. Good one…though ur collection is limited… 🙂

    A Couple of Years ago i fixed this spam issue for the company that I worked for and I had a crazy set of samples with me….wish I had saved those….never knew someone wud actually blog about it one fine day… 😀

    Posted by Amit | February 17, 2010, 22:02
    • These were from my latest collection:) most of the others were variants of the same. But I think i do want to find out whats an ‘Indian Spiderman’ I mean seriously. What can it be? 🙂

      Posted by esar13 | February 17, 2010, 22:05

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