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Chronicles from local trains in Mumbai

Movie reviews from aam junta

Yesterday was a Sunday – the day when most working women catch up on movies and television. Naturally – that is the topic for discussion on Monday morning.

Everyone pushes right in to the hustle and bustle* of the first class ladies dabba**

Lady A: I saw Ishqiya.  It started at 10-00, followed by an intermission at 11-00 and ended at little after 12-00. Good  movie.

Lady B: I was seeing Star Screen Awards. Vidya B looks more lean now.Is she the villain or the hero of the film?

Lady A: I will not tell you that. You must see the movie for that. My brother did not take my parents for that movie, as the language is very crude – like in Omkara, and my mother would hate such dialogues.  But my husband and uncle enjoyed the dialogues. I think men enjoy such crude dialogues while we women are more reserved in our reactions. (giggles)

Lady C: Bol na ek dialogue. (giggles)

Lady B to Lady C: She did not even tell you if Vidya B is the villain – how can she tell you the dialogues (giggles and laughter)

Lady A: Nahiiii. My father liked Omkara though I think it is because he saw the edited version on television, with all the crude words beeped or replaced.

Lady B: How much was the ticket priced at?

Lady A: Gold at Rs.70 and Silver at Rs. 50. I anyway do not like to pay more than that.

Me: I agree! I too go only for Sunday morning shows at 10-00 am.

Lady A: I would rather spend the money on food.

Me to myself: Food!!! mmmmmmm…. Yummyyy!

And I got down at the destination thinking about food / breakfast. (Did not have breakfast as I was running late)

Reached office only to settle for some Dhokla and Fruit Bread with tuttifrooties for breakfast.

*hustle and bustle – is more commonly used for market places – but come on, the ladies ‘dabba’ is a place for young entrepreneurs – with their customers being able to buy most things from needles to the likes of vegetables , clothes, stationery etc.

** Yes – Dabba it is.  Literally meaning ‘Box’ – in this context, more like a pigeon hole though.

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2 thoughts on “Movie reviews from aam junta

  1. Nice. 🙂

    Have a great day.

    Posted by Amit | February 1, 2010, 15:32

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