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Cost of (no) animal cruelty

so i sent some silk scarves to a close one in the US. and she was wondering if the silk worms were subjected to cruelty while extracting the silk. I had no clue and answered so.

She: Can you believe that people pay $180-$200 for those scarves that have no silk worm cruelty????  Crazy!

(as against $ 15-25 for the ‘cruel’ scarves)

Sarita: wow. and then kill animals for meat?

She said yes.

I guess – asking for ‘non-cruel’ silk scarves is like checking if your meat comes from a ‘cruel-free’ animal farm.


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2 thoughts on “Cost of (no) animal cruelty

  1. hahahaha this is so cool ..

    Posted by swetal | January 29, 2010, 08:27

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