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Chronicles from local trains in Mumbai

Revelations in the local train!!!

(In the ladies compartment of course)

A is standing next to the door and B is standing behind me.

B (over my shoulders to A): Hey – You are ‘….’ ? We went to school together …

A (in my ears) : and you are ‘…..’

B: Yeah. How are you? Many years, haaan?

A: Yes. I am good.

B: Are you married? Where do you live? Still in Thane?

# R 1 (Women instinctively ask the first question on marriage and if they know someone is married then the question is about ‘how many kids?’ Wonder what is the first question men ask when they see each other after a long time)

A: Yes. I am married. Live in thane only.

B: I am also married. Live in Vikhroli only.

A: Yeah. You always lived there. So are you in touch with ‘….’?

B: No. I am not – but – I am in touch with ‘…..’

A: Okay. But I am in touch with ‘…’ who is in touch with a lot of people.

B: Oh yeah. Where do you work? I work ‘…’ for the last 3 years. Settled in the job.

A: I work at ‘…’ since 3 years too.

# R 2 (Working in any office for 3 years or more is really ‘settling in’)

A: So did you study more after we graduated?

B: No. I wanted to do an MBA but I did not, and now I am married. So it is not possible. It is better to study before marriage, after marriage is impossible.

A: Yeah you are right! Managing work and home is difficult.

# R 3 (Most women think – studying after marriage is impossible not just ‘not easy’. Some of them are right.)

B: So love marriage or arranged marriage?

A: Love – cum – arranged marriage!

B: Okay.

# R 4 (Just knowing if the opposite person is married or not, is not enough. She needs to know if it is love or arranged, what her husband does et all)

B: Btw, you have put on a lot of weight. You were so thin.

A: Yeah – I have

(must have muttered under her breath – that she dint need to know that)

# R 5 (One has to comment on whether the opposite person is fatter or leaner. And whoever said ‘Looks don’t matter’ – probably never met a long lost friend in the local trains of Mumbai)


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4 thoughts on “Revelations in the local train!!!

  1. when i focus all my energies in doing some work, my head aches and my eyes swell (as i m not use to lot of work).. but your short commentaries on mundane issues written in fascinating styles always act as good breaks to relax my mind

    Posted by swetal | November 20, 2009, 10:31
  2. thankooo swetal!!!

    don’t work so hard … that you make a barbecue out of yourself 🙂

    Posted by esar13 | November 20, 2009, 10:33
  3. nice work Sweets, you have good observation and smooth writing style.

    Keep up the good work.


    Posted by Kaustubh | November 20, 2009, 14:49
  4. A friend can not be lost for long.. (for sure in today’s world of facebook, orkut and “”BLOGS””)

    say… long lost acquaintance

    Posted by No Frills Friend | November 20, 2009, 23:44

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