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Where has the romance gone … from stitching buttons

Picture this romantic scene recreated in bollywood movies a zillion times:

Cut 1: Hero is getting ready to work. Whistling and taking out his favourite shirt. He wears it and – POP!!! goes the button.

Cut 2: Heroine walks in, needle and thread ready (all in a jiffy). Hero is still wearing the shirt, and looking at the wifey with button in hand. Wifey takes it from him and smiles sheepishly (the things a buttonless shirt can do to a woman).

Cut 3: Next, she is stitching the button on to his shirt, while the shirt is still on him. When she is done stitching, and has to tear off the thread, she looks at him and smiles sheepishly (again) and bends down or closer to the shirt to tear the thread. (The scissor needed to cut the thread, is a magical one – always missing from the scene. )This is when her lips inch closer to the hero than the shirt, and then she blushes and runs away. (How Romanticccccc!!!)

Stitching the button on the shirt is thus epitomised as one of the most romantic scenes!

And picture this in real life:

Cut 1: Husband in a towel, takes out his shirt for the day. Checks it thoroughly for stains, missing buttons etc and realises button is missing. Walks to the breakfast table, hands it over to wifey asking her to stitch it.

Cut 2: While she is on her way to get the needle and thread, he beats her to the cupboard, gets the needle and thread, puts the thread in the needle (and yes, also the scissor is present) and hands it to her.

Cut 3: She is stitching the button on the shirt, with the husband outside the shirt, standing next to her rambling about how badly the buttons are on these readymade shirts.

Cut 4: Shirt ready, husband wears it and walks off.

Leaving the wife wondering – where has the romance gone … from stitching the button on the shirts. Sigh!!!!


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4 thoughts on “Where has the romance gone … from stitching buttons

  1. how do u get these ideas i dont understand … either u watch lot of hindi movies or u dont have anything to do .. but anyways these things need a mention for the future generations as shirts with buttons will be a fantasy for them … (they will either have space suits or not clothes .. may be…)

    Posted by swetal | September 23, 2009, 11:00
  2. I dont watch much movies darling, these are highly inspired by ‘real’ life incidents:) (Do I have an ‘inspiring’ life or what?)
    And Yes Yes. The future generation will not be romantic about stitching buttons, You are right! Sad it is!

    Posted by esar13 | September 23, 2009, 11:04
  3. Awesome writing…loved this topic the most…WOnder how on earth do u get such ideas..

    Posted by Suvasini | September 15, 2010, 19:43

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