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Some Nice Nice Things People Said To Me About Me :D (In chronological order)

1. I was really happy to speak to you. I thought I was drawn towards you and that happens when I sense something beyond the ordinary…and I wasn’t wrong! (You sure were not)

2. I think you are really special! (I now wonder, if it meant ‘special’ as in ‘special’ children with above normal intelligence)

3. Loads of people I know got married last year and start of this one and no one explained a shaadi in simpler terms than you…and it happened to be the best I’ve heard till now (Wait, until I hear yours)

4. Well I never take offense to anyone who is straight forward and is not hesitant to put their opinion. In fact that is one of your attributes that endears me… Now don’t ask what are the other attributes that I like about u (I will not, I will not)

5. You were my last hope, but alas! You are also married. (He Ha Ha Ha, Get a life!)

And in addtion,

6. No frills friend: You write really well! (Do I? Thanku Thanku)

Pray may be there were more,  I do not remember


About Sarita

My 10,000th day on Planet Earth was June 28, 2010


3 thoughts on “Some Nice Nice Things People Said To Me About Me :D (In chronological order)

  1. Although I have complemented you before on this, it doesnot find any mention in this blog!

    The complement (in case you have forgotten) – You write really well!

    Is this now going to find a place in the list of nice nice things that people have said about you (Question Mark)

    Posted by Your No Frills Friend | September 14, 2009, 13:51
  2. Yeah Yeah. Yes Yes. Thankooo Thankooo

    Added it:D

    Posted by esar13 | September 14, 2009, 13:54
  3. nice.. and sweet

    Posted by Shashi | September 14, 2009, 17:33

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