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Chronicles from local trains in Mumbai,

ladies compartment in local trains

Mumbai is unique, where it may be the only place where people have ‘train-friends’, especially in the ladies compartment. In that 30-90 minutes ride on the local trains every morning, women share their lives explicitly with co-passengers who become ‘train-friends’.

I do not have train-friends really, as I do not take the same train everyday – but that does not stop me from smiling at my co-passengers everyday. Some smile back / some stare wondering what am I up to.

Eavesdropping, as much as a crime it maybe – comes naturally to me on the trains. But again, no conversation anyone has on the train is private in any case.

So today morning, there are these 2 girls sitting across me:

girl 1 : I don’t know how can couples get married without matching their horrorscopes

girl 2 : uh hun!

me : (To myself) What are you saying, woman?

girl 1 : Of course horrorscopes should be matched. you know so many of  these inter caste  / inter community marriages dont work. my family and me believe completely on matching horroscopes.

girl 2 : (is looking here and there, totally disinterested)

me : (to myself) really? wow!

girl 1 : (continues) I totally believe horrorscopes should be matched, there is not harm in that. I believe in it completely.

girl 2 : (still disinterested), uh hun!

me : (to myself) Reality check wo-man! how about getting statistics on the number of same-caste / same-community marriages that don’t work?

girl 1 : (takes a deep breath and looks out of the window)

girl 2: (obviously still doesn’t care, looking idhar udhar)

me : (Chucking to myself) Yeah, right! Just because you could not find yourself one decent man to get married, do not try to go on ranting about how much you believe in horrorscopes.  Not that I am against horrorscopes, but I just wonder how come they don’t predict  dowry deaths / tortures / marital rapes / upcoming separations and divorces.


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2 thoughts on “ladies compartment in local trains

  1. hahaa… true… i kinda like the girl 2 😛

    Posted by Shashi | September 14, 2009, 17:32
  2. Yeah. Obv. Me too. She might have as well been invisible actually:P

    Posted by esar13 | September 14, 2009, 19:04

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