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Chronicles from local trains in Mumbai

pregnant-looking women in the local trains

now everytime i get a seat on the local train, and there is a pregnant-looking lady standing, its such a dilemma – whether or not I should offer her my seat.

me: hi, are you pregnant? Can I offer you my seat?

she: no thanks. i am not pregnant. (thinking to herself: am i that fat)

me: Uh Oh! (sheepishly mutters) Sorry!

I wish all pregnant women would just say: Hi. I am pregnant. Give me the damn seat!

and relieve me of a guilt-ridden train ride.

and on the side the happy news is:

Woman has final right to have or not have kid: SC

Rakesh Bhatnagar / DNA
Wednesday, September 2, 2009 3:44 IST

New Delhi: In a judgment widening the scope of the right to life, the Supreme Court has held that forcible termination of pregnancy or denying a woman the choice to bear a child violates her fundamental right. Conversely, refusal by a woman to bear a child, too, is a fundamental right.

For full article:


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4 thoughts on “pregnant-looking women in the local trains

  1. Give the embarrasement right back to her. here is what your conversation would have been like:

    me: hi, are you pregnant? Can I offer you my seat?

    she: no thanks. i am not pregnant. (thinking to herself: am i that fat)

    me: Uh Oh! (thinking to yourself… yes BITCH you are fatter than you think)

    me: are you married? (and before she is able to answer).. you better be. Because if you are single, chances are you would remain so! (and you give her that look and turn your head away)

    Posted by Your no Frills Friend | September 3, 2009, 09:14
  2. that would make me sound eggjactly like the husband. how he hates fat wo-men 😉
    (god, please keep me thin thinner thinnest)

    Posted by esar13 | September 3, 2009, 09:20
  3. dont pretend to help .. u ll always feel the guilt …
    like eastwood says .. u wanna give seat give seat … dont talk … 🙂

    Posted by swetal | September 4, 2009, 12:41

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