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of writing ‘green’ and ‘macho’ pens

This Sunday, I decided to go ‘green’ by gifting myself an ‘ink’ pen, also known as the ‘fountain’ pen. to save some plastic – no refills etc. So I buy this black steel bodied pen with blue ink that comes in a glass bottle (sadly, the cap of the bottle was plastic). This pen is ‘Metallix by PARKER’

And now talking about ‘macho’ pens, the ad for this pen goes something like ‘ You are a man of refined taste! Then why have a pen that is not PARKER’. I took this up for discussion with the husband.

he: maybe PARKER wants to market it as a ‘MACHO’ pen.

she: but what about women who write? maybe i should write to ‘PARKER’ asking for an explanation.

he: they are likely to reply, ‘we dont want to market it for wo-men. find some other brand’

Now, leaves me wondering about any pen that has been marketed for wo-men at all. Cant think of any. How symbolic of ‘machoism’ can writing with fancy pens be!!!!!

And talking of gender balance, I painted each of my toenails. half in pink and half in blue 😛

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5 thoughts on “of writing ‘green’ and ‘macho’ pens

  1. Why don’t you try filling up half of the pen with blue ink and the remaing half with pink? now that would be gender balancing!

    PS: Pink ink is available!

    Posted by Your No Frills Friend | August 31, 2009, 11:02
  2. This ‘green’ thing has become more sensational than sensible. So while we gang-murder the earth in a thousand ways we find solace in a few things which reassure us or being responsible.

    I’ll tell you what would have worked better:
    1. Don’t buy a pen, use the older ones (Re-use)
    2. If buying buy a local one – probably the parker packing consumed more resources than the pen itself.

    And as for the blue-pink controversy – men are as blue and women pink only as much as green paint is environmental…

    The point is not the point here so don,t take this too seriously…tc

    Posted by Alankar | August 31, 2009, 11:21
    • Thanks for the revelation, Akki. Sure Agree with all ur points.
      RE using the older one would mean – buying new refills all the time! which maybe fine, of course. except that i almost ran out of my old ones.
      Buying a local ‘ink’ pen, is a great idea. Did not think of that one or find one though.
      Wonder about all the books we buy which are not printed here, all the branded clothes we buy, the computer we use (intel chip may not be locally made after all)
      (It doesnt mean that we have to live in stone-age)
      And of course men being blue and women being pink is an age old dogma! So dont take this seriously! Really

      Posted by esar13 | August 31, 2009, 11:38
  3. remember the eastwood dialogue .. “you wanna write, write..”

    Posted by swetal | September 4, 2009, 12:50

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