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the wo-man from Aussieland and the man from Auckland

On –

father of the ‘man from Auckland’ writes to the ‘wo-man from Aussieland’ : Horrorscope, please!

‘wo-man from Aussieland’ replies: ask the parents in Mumbai

parents in Mumbai: Oh, but you are our marathi mulgi and he is the south indian ‘pillay’

but lo and behold:

to everyone’s surprise the horrorscopes are a perfect match, they chatted, they met, and they are getting married soon.

Isnt’s that awesome?

This is going to be my favourite love story in sometime to come.

I have come across so many inter-community marriages in the last couple of years. It is wonderful to see parents / families break out of their moulds of wanting to arrange marriage in the same community.

Now this is what I call ‘liberating’

And talking about my own experience – here is how it went 😉

When I first told my mother: Amma, I am marrying this guy – 14 years senior to me and in fine print added that he is not from our community.
Amma replies: Uh Oh! 14 years senior … Well, if really that’s what you want, I can find you one from our community.

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One thought on “the wo-man from Aussieland and the man from Auckland

  1. remember my response when i came to know …. i was SPEECHLESS …. and even today ……

    Posted by swetal | September 4, 2009, 13:11

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