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Peoples who Matters

In Alphabetical Order

Aheli – for reminding me constantly of my  shaadi to this aadmi. Mwah
(You may have topped the list in any order maybe)

Akshat – for the love-hate relationship, we share
(God alone knows how much I wished to be blind so that I didn’t have to see you: 2000-2005)

Anish – for listening to my endless rambles over the last 7 years
(You will always be hated for making fun of ‘moist streams’)

Anita – for being the most hard-working woman I know
(You need a break lady)

Ashish – for turning into the gossip-monger with me and Vaishali
(You were a nice guy, before you met us ;-))

Girish – for all the flattery and vishesh tipnis
(Affinity to married wo-men, can be dangerous aye!)

Kshithij – for the constant inspiration, love, passion and commitment you exuberate
(Not to mention, how much I hate your ‘white and lime-green, round neck, half sleeves, horizontal wide-striped teeshirt. Whats with men and these horizontal stripes? Refer: Tushar)

Nikhil – for the no frills friendship and being univocal about our concerns of India’s ever-growing population
(Don’t let me catch you – add to it)

Radha – for a record number of break-ups we have had (was it 5 or 7?)
(You were funnily serious, when we first met two years after our last break-up)

Ranjani – for egging me on to come clean to my parents about the love of my life
(Woman – I owe it to you)

Sachin – for knocking sense into me in 2003 over the hour long ISD call while hoping the cops don’t round you up)
(Wonder where you are now…)

Sonila – for the revelation, ‘it is easy to hate / dislike someone – but it takes efforts to love them’
(Fall in love , lady)

Swetal – for making me responsible of finding a wo-man for him and for being there always
(Does the phurrrrrrrrrrrr – requirement still stand)

Tushar – for being a constant support while being hounded by me to get me a job
(Not to mention, how much I hate your ‘white and purple, round neck, full sleeves, horizontal wide-striped teeshirt. Whats with men and these horizontal stripes? Refer: Kshithij)

Vaishali – for providing all the quintessential entertainment value in life, with her silly quips
(And wanting to marry me, if she was gay)

Vrushali – for being my only friend in aussieland
(My favourite love-story in sometime to come – is yours)


About Sarita

My 10,000th day on Planet Earth was June 28, 2010


12 thoughts on “In Alphabetical Order

  1. i like it … its a good way to express when somebody is alone or when you want to be YOURSELF …. !!!

    great .. cheers ..!!

    Posted by swetal | August 27, 2009, 12:44
  2. nice! get your self checked with a psychiatrist …too many voices & dialogue bazeee in your head…:) i am worried darling….

    Posted by ashish | August 27, 2009, 13:08
  3. If only the world could turn a blind eye on us, n not see us as 2 woman they wud see the passion we have for each other. our love is 2 great lets keep it for eternity. (all thanks to the indian author i am reading such flowery words i tell u….hehehe).. Muah

    Posted by Vaishali | August 31, 2009, 11:58
  4. wow!!! interesting …hmmm was that a revelation to u or is it a revelation for me now….

    i suppose u sd have added ur man to this list also…

    keep writing…

    love, s

    Posted by Sonila | August 31, 2009, 12:44
  5. yeah yeah… must be 5-7 times… the Jan 2007 re-union was funny…i admit. but i guess, whatever happens, happens for the best! :-)no more break heart is too weak

    Posted by Radha | September 8, 2009, 14:00
  6. Now u mus be loving me for another reason as well right??? ;P

    Posted by Ranjani | January 14, 2011, 08:41
  7. You seem to know an awful lot of cool people Sarita and what could be better than that?

    I looked around your blog before I read this as THE First post. It tells me more about you than perhaps a possible ‘about me’ page ..

    Posted by Chandnimoudgil | September 14, 2016, 13:37

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